Several of you have told me you enjoy the “tips” I have posted on the site.  Here’s a handy tip for your information.  You will be able to “share” these by looking under the photo and clicking on Facebook, E-Mail, Twitter or Pinterest to share with your friends. Click on the picture of the little printer if you want to print the tip.  If you have a “food tip” you would like to share, post a comment with your tip for everyone to enjoy. These tips will be posted once weekly for your convenience.  I am sure there will be tips posted that you already know but we can always learn something new or pass on information to others. Enjoy!Handy Food Tip

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  1. Iris D. Crider says:

    Would love the recipe for cookies made with chocolate pudding

  2. Linda, where did you get the recipe?

    • Janet, I had to look to find the recipe that I used. Had one saved and had no idea whose it might have been. Found the recipe I used under Six Sisters Stuff but my cookies never browned. Think that had to do with the air bake cookie sheets. Most of the recipes I found tonight had more butter and less flour than this recipe.

  3. Anna Bennett says:

    Wow I never thought to check to see if the cookie sheets were to thin or not. I always thought that they were all the same.
    Thank you for the tip about using aluminum foil.

  4. Made some chocolate chip cookies this week with the instant pudding mix. My son called and said the kids I made them for liked them better than any they had ever eaten. The mother too and a teenager they gave some too. I used my 20 year old air bake cookie sheets and think that might have had something to do with it. It was my first time to use that recipe and felt like something was missing but guess not.

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