My mother used to make the best fried apple pies you ever ate.  We had our own apple trees and mother would dry the fresh apples in the sun and make the pies.

My younger sis, Brenda, made great fried pies, too.  This is Brenda’s easy recipe for making mouth watering pies without all the trouble of drying the apples and using canned biscuits for the pie crust.  I lost my sister in December 2012 and this recipe always brings back great memories of her Southern cooking.

2 cans Lucks Fried Apples
1 can Grands biscuits
Crisco for frying the pies
Powdered sugar
Open apples, drain and pour in bowl
Using a fork cut into medium size pieces
Roll out each individual biscuit on floured board
Fill center of each rolled biscuit
wet the edges with water then fold over and crimp with wet fork.
Fry in deep skillet in enough oil to float
Turn when brown around edges.
Cook until both sides are golden brown.
Remove and drain on paper towels.
sprinkle with powdered sugar.
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  1. This is how my Grandma always made her fried pies. They never lasted long ’cause we ate them all up! Thanks for reminding me. I think I’ll make some for supper tonight at my Dad’s. Ham, butter beans, mashed potatoes and fried apple pies…sounds good, doesn’t it? Thanks, Judy!

  2. My Mother and Grandmother also used dried peaches and apples but I would like to know if you used biscuit dough or do you have a recipe?

  3. Is the same filling recipe good for peach or cherry fried pies also? Should i use fresh or canned peaches, and are canned sour cherries ok for the cherry fried pies?
    Thanks for all the great recipes.

  4. My Mom made these for us also.She uses apple pie filling also. She also makes chocolate fried pies,just hersheys cocoa ,sugar,a little butter and roll them up and fry. We are going to have fried yellow squash tonight,love that also. Love southern recipes and the southern lady cooks!!!

  5. These look greaT Judy, but we dont’t have Lucks Fried apples up North here..Any other alternative for the apple filling.?

  6. Thanks Judy for sharing my recipe. One other tip these are also good coated in Cinnamon and Sugar after you get them out of the pan. My Son loves them that way.

  7. When I went to Texas with my daughter, we were in Dripping Springs, Texas…at a little restaurant. There were these delicious things under a glass cover on a pedestal. We wondered what they were. We asked the waitress and she said with a real Texas drawl…Fraaaahed Paaahs…Whenever my daughter and I are together she askes if I’m going to make some Fraaahed Paahs.
    Now that I have the recipe…I’m going to surprise her with your Fraaaahd Paaaahs.

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