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My niece used to make herself sick on this bread everytime she had it at my house.  She loved it and you will, too! It is great at any meal and I can eat it cold for a snack!

2 cups self-rising cornmeal
1 teaspoon salt
hot water, boiling
Oil for frying
Mix cornmeal and salt in bowl.   Add boiling hot water until batter just sticks together.  Scoop and mold into balls. (I do this with my hands and make balls about the size of a walnut.  Drop in hot grease and fry until golden brown.  Enjoy!
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30 Responses

  1. I use plain cornmeal and boiling water. No salt, baking powder, baking soda, etc. ONLY plain cornmeal and boiling water. Make into flat rounds about half the size of a regular pancake. Fry like the recipe above. I’ve even made them with my waffle iron but it takes a little longer. We love these!!!

  2. I flatten mine out instead of a ball and I use white cornmeal.

  3. I will sometimes add a little sugar to mine…maybe a tablespoon.

  4. I grew up on these, outside of my family e1 call them hush puppies, and i say no hot water corn bread i was taught with the old way of making them the self raising meal do make it easier , these with some mustard and turnip greens, or some pinto bean great eating

  5. We call these corn pones and always serve with corned beef and cabbage! My dad’s favorite!

  6. My husband’s Aunt that lived in Florida used to make this but she used Bolted Corn Meal. It was absolutely delicious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I make these often, only I roll them between my hands. Sort of into the shape of a hotdog. They are great dipped into hot soup or beans!

    • I guess I should have said that I roll them between my hands and then fry them crispy. Then we dip them into hot soup or beans!

  8. just to mention that they are gluten free.

  9. We enjoy these lovely gems every time we visit friends in Tennessee. We go to this little cafeteria and eat these til we can’t eat no more. OH MY!!! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. Pinning!!

  10. I make these all the time only I wet my hands and make patties. They are sooooo good with a bowl of hot homemade soup..yum yum…

  11. Bet I could add onions to that hot water cornbread and have yummy hushpuppies!

    • You could add onions (we always used green onions) and they would be delicious. But they would not be hush puppies. Hush puppies have egg, milk, baking powder, and a little flour as well as the cornmeal and salt.

  12. Do you only ad?d enough water to make one ball at a time?

  13. Made these today. So good, reminds me of David Beairds catfish restaurant. I added a little minced sweet onion and some black pepper . Just like I used to eat years ago, delicious.

  14. This is especially good if you add a couple of cloves of garlic to your oil and just leave it there (peel b4 adding) then when you go to fry your cornbread it gives it a extra flavor

  15. One of my favorite things. I’ve never made it this way, without flour, but I’m anxious to try. I always just spoon it, without handling it because you get tons of crunch that. We love it with turnip greens and pinto beans. Oh, my gracious! Gotta make some up soon. :-) thanks

  16. Just one more comment, I make mine into a patty and fry them. Have to cook them a little longer than the hushpuppy size but that’s just what we like. Like I said before, Love this site!!!

  17. Yes, growing up we called it “Dog Bread” Love, love,love it. My husband had never tried it (Or tomato gravy!) and now he loves both. My little secret to handling the hot dough is to wet you hands and work fast. It also keeps the dough from sticking to your hands. I love this site and enjoy reading the notes from people.

  18. Add some diced onions and jalapenos, and you have my Mothers shut up dogs…(hush puppies), wonderful memories…she dropped them by the teaspoon into the hot Crisco…long before oil…my 3 sisters and I could make a meal out of them…
    didn’t need the catfish…

  19. My aunt, who raised me in Texas, made this but called it hushpuppies and it was more of a flattened oblong…crunchy on the outside, creamy and moist on the inside with of course, butter!Thank you for the wonderful recipe and memories!

  20. Have you adapted the recipe using regular cornmeal?

  21. Sounds wonderful. I cannot buy sr cornmeal in our area…I have been adding B.P and Salt …is this all I need to add?

  22. I make HW cornbread all the time. I tell people about it because I love it and they all look at me like I was crazy! I tell them, you don’t know what you are missing. My Mom and Grandma’s made it all the time when we were growing up.. Love your website, brings back a lot of memories. I am a Kentucky girl, too. Thanks!!

  23. I just found your site through Southern Bite, I have been searching for this recipe for ages, I’ve tried a few trying to make it the way my grandmother made it many years ago. Can’t wait to try this tonight!!! Thank you!!!

  24. I absolutely love this hotwater cornbread!! My Mother never made this, she always made oven cornbread, which was good, but, when I married my Mother-in-Law always cooked HW Cornbread and I learned from her. The top secret to perfect Hot Water Cornbread is your water has to be BOILING!! It won’t turn out right if it’s not.
    I love your web-site and all the recipes are to die for!!
    Thanks for designing this.

  25. Hey,
    I have spent the whole afternoon on your blog. If I cooked all the good stuff I have seen ,I wouldn’t weigh 180 lbs., I would weigh 280 . Will try several, first is Molasses cookies.

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